Project: "Cross Itineraries for the Tourism System Empowerment and Economic Development -Shkoder Lake" is funded by the European Union thorough Cross Border

Programme: ALBANIA – MONTENEGRO 2007-2013, IPA 2010-2011 Annual Allocation
Reference: EuropeAid/133455/M/ACT/Multi
Realization period: 25.11.2013 – 25.11.2015
Total amount : 450.386,00


- Applicant 1 - Montenegrin Employers Federation
- Applicant 2 - BusinessAlbania

Overal and specific objectives of the project:

The overall objectives of the project is to ensure a continuous cultural tourist offer through creating a positive economic climate for the inclusion of the wider area in the tourist flux, as well as to empower the capacities of target groups of both regions, in Albania and Montenegro.

With the realization of this project, a significant economic growth will be achieved, which will contribute to the competitiveness of the wider area that will influence the overall improvement of the quality and standard of life of the population of both countries.

Specific objectives are:

- To develop partnerships and ensure long term project longevity
- To developed a marketing and management plan that would foresee various thematic events/ including a new tourist paths/routes that would enrich the cultural touristic offer of Shkodra and Podgorica with special focus Shkodra lake.
- To organize tours and educational programs for the target groups of both countries, as well as to promote creation of an innovative and qualitative model of tourist offer for Shkodra Lake.

Expected results of the project:

A territorial marketing and management plan will be developed which will lead on improvement of actual tourist offer for the Skadar Lake. At least 6 Trainings and 6 workshops for tourist workers and craft workers will be realized in Region of Shkodra/ Podgorica/ Ulcinj where more than 50 SMEs, tourist workers and craft workers in project area will be empowered to inspire potential entrepreneurs to join the project with touristic facilities in Shkodra Lake. At least a tourist product/ souvenir dedicated to Shkodra Lake will be produce by work crafts on each side of border. Organization of tourist fair in Podgorica and Skadar to promote small business in this region! Presentation of an innovative model of tourist offer for Shkodra Lake through promotion of this project will increase the number of tourists by 10% in Albania and Montenegro project area.

Main activities:

Project management, coordination and partner meeting Developing of the territorial marketing and management plan for Skadar Lake, Marketing education / capacity building, Cross border visits between two regions Albania and Montenegro, Creation of an innovative model of tourist offer for Skadar Lake, Promotion of Skadar Lake as a new tourist destination and new tourist offer.

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A project implemented by Montenegrin Employers Federation and Biznes Albania



LakeRoutes Project "Cross Itineraries for the Tourism System Empowerment and Economic Development –Shkoder Lake"